The awakening of Mother Nature

Interview with Lodovica Monica Negri
by Abel Ibáñez G.

What camera and other tools did you use to shoot this photograph?
My beloved Leica M6 that has been pass onto me by an old family friend, and Fujifilm 200ISO.

Did you collaborate with anyone?
I would have to answer by saying the Volcán Fuego for erupting at the right moment.

Tell us about the place and time when this photograph was taken. What were you doing there that day?
I was doing a two days trekking tour of the Volcán Acatenango in Guatemala. This particular photograph was taking after a 4am hike to the summit to watch the sunrise.

What do you like the most about this photograph and why?
I love the lighting of this photograph. It depicts the perfect moment between day and night, as during the day it’s very hard to see the lava and yet the first morning lights allowed me to portrait the vulcano in its majesty. It was truly perfect timing.

Is there a title for this photo? If so, why did you choose it? If not, what would be a good title for it?
There is no title for this picture but if I have to I would call it “The awakening of Mother Nature”.

Was there anything that you can consider an influence or source of inspiration to create this photo?
I do not think you can look at this photo without thinking how astonishing the world we live in is. So, I would have to say Nature.

Tell us something fun, interesting, weird or intense that happened at any point during the process of making this photo.
As I said previously this picture was taking after a 4am – very steep – hike to the summit of Volcán Acatenango, whilst the day before I hiked to base camp and to Volcán Fuego itself –without seeing anything because it was too cloudy but that’s a story for another day.
On the way up I was so grumpy, cold and hangry that I could barely stand the words of encouragement of our guide. I was so mad at him to make me do that. But once we arrived to the top… Oh, boy! It was totally worth it. Sorry, Luis!

For this photo, did you do something completely different to what you normally do for other photos?
I didn’t do anything in particular beside taking only one shot of the eruption, this one. Risky move but it worked out!

Did you learn something during the process of shooting this photo?
That I have quite a steady hand.

If you could have collaborated with anyone to shoot this photo, who would they be and why?
For this particular picture I wouldn’t have collaborated with anyone but, I wouldn’t mind if Paul Nicklen wants to take me on one of his expeditions!

Where and in which format would you like this photo to be exhibited?
I would love it to be on the cover of National Geographic* or hanged in an art gallery during a personal exhibition.

Is there anything else you would like to add about this photograph?
I simply would like to tell the reader to breathe in, to look at this powerful photograph and to be reminded of how small human kind it is compared to the rest of the universe.

*I guess I’ll be happy also if it’s just in the magazine!