What camera and other tools did you use to shoot this photograph?
6d Mark 2 / 24-105 L

Tell us about the place and time when this photograph was taken. What were you doing there that day?
I try to go to Bolu every winter for vacation. It has a different nature, especially in winter. This forest looked incredibly orderly and unmistakable, snow and trees took shape.

What do you like the most about this photograph and why?
I really liked that it filled the whole frame and looked like a pattern. It’s nice to see that later on, if nature is allowed, it will transform into magnificent forms.

Is there a title for this photo? If so, why did you choose it? If not, what would be a good title for it?
I didn’t give any names. But it can be Cool White.

Was there anything that you can consider an influence or source of inspiration to create this photo?
I can say that the landscape suddenly appeared before me. I wasn’t inspired, but I was impressed by its size and repetition.

Tell us something fun, interesting, weird or intense that happened at any point during the process of making this photo.
Since I took so many pictures of this scenery for a long time, my hiking friends, who were waiting for me, got bored. I didn’t even realize that time passed so quickly.

For this photo, did you do something completely different to what you normally do for other photos?
I didn’t try anything different technically, but as a composition, I tried to make the audience feel in that nature as much as possible.

Did you learn something during the process of shooting this photo?
The first thing I learned was to stay for a long time because observing nature for a long time reveals very different details and angles.

If you could have collaborated with anyone to shoot this photo, who would they be and why?
Maybe a video artist would be nice. Photo and video could be combined into one project.

Where and in which format would you like this photo to be exhibited?
This photo is normally in larger format, but unfortunately for instagram we made it smaller. I would like the original size of this photo to be exhibited in this type of forest during the summer months. I wish people could watch what winter looks like.