Crying in silence

I create this pain inside of me
I let it develop into something big
I don’t understand why I do this
I create this pain…. that makes weak

So many lessons, so many actions, so many choices that I let free, I don’t Know if this makes any sense, is not my language I’m just trying to express what I feel

I create this pain inside of me, I let you touch my soul and destroy me, I thought you were different, I wanted you to be.. I don’t understand how I’m like this

I don’t know if this is about you, or I’m just feeling down and bring you to the situation, but i do want you to be different
And you’re not, and it probably will hurt more but I will move on, and everything is gonna be fine because god is on my side, and when my strength isn’t enough, he will use his and help me walk

I create a pain that’s making me weak, I wanted you to be different so we could just fly free, but it is just my illusion because we aren’t meant to be, God I hope I’m mistaken and maybe we could be something big, but I don’t know if is possible, because you’re a you and I’m me.
I know that I’m not enough but I want you here, I want you with me

Fotografía: Susana Villalpando