Venus upside down 04/22

Here you have my wavy waters
Do you mind I take some fire?
Turned the salt and made it sweet
but rather turn your lust to ire.

There is nothing I can do
really, nothing I can do.
To make you see what I see
To draw a pinch of your attention,
and make an old wound heal.

Could we maybe try by listening
Or is it too narcissistic of me?

It’s like walking on eggshells
but the risk is taken
I ain’t bored,
This has been going on for longer than you know.

This cloudy mind I own
saw your words become a spire
You’d be wise to know, I never meant no wrong
your silence feels like barbed wire.

There is nothing I can do
but there are things that I would
To make you feel the feels
See that time ain’t stopping,
You know knives have also cut me deep.

It’s like meeting a stranger
that has been forsaken.
Maybe I’ve been bored for much longer than I know.