Not just

16 enero, 2018

There is sun and moon, that is what they say. There is day and night, you must live in either one of them. You have no choice or getaway. But what they forget to tell you, is that between night and day, 24 hours pass by. Sometimes even more or less, depending on the Earth’s axis or the time of the season. And so, there is not just night and day: dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, midnight and twilight, also do exist. There are times in which even with a clear blue sky you can still see the Moon «Is it day, or is it night?» Moments in which the sunlight is not that bright, but there is not enough darkness to blind us. Instants where you cannot see the Moon, but the sky is full of stars.

And, are not persons just like this? Or am I wrong for being different? Maybe I want my mornings to show the round shaped Moon. Maybe I like my sky to show more than just one color, and give me all the nuances of pink, purple and blue at once. Why do I have to be the perfect night you dreamed about? Why do I have to be a day full of sunshine, just so that your flowers can grow? I have storms in me too. I have clouds covering my moon. I can even have my own equinox equilibrating my hours. I can have longer midnights and shorter dawns. And all of my hours are natural, and all of my hours are fine. I can be noon. I can be midnight. Why do I have to be only one?

I refuse to be just a day or a night. I cannot choose between moon and sun. I do not think anyone has to if they feel their sky is big enough. The truth is, you and me, we are part of a whole universe, with stars, planets and constellations not yet known.

Fotografía: Aëla Labbé