Is it just me?

There was this Argentinian boy sitting around the corner, thinking about a sad song that always makes him happy, and an absence present, an absence present building him down. Within the lighted darkness, there’s nothingness, nothingness. The nothingness is an ornament piece of glass saved down into one of his mother’s drawers, is an ornament piece of glass above a piano that vibrates with the notes.

This party today, this birthday party is just an excuse for us to see each other again. This is the real world, not the world of those fucking senators, not the world of those shitty politicians, this is the real world, the one we should live on, the music world, the art world. Leave out all of those suckers, we don’t belong to that world. This is our world! Argentinian boy don’t let them wash you off, wake up, open your eyes. Don’t listen to that people and let’s grow together in this world, the real world. Because if not, boy the sky will go cloudy as hell.

Who’s holding the key to open the window? Who dictates the sentence for your stolen soul? All your friends and family are waiting for your death, stiff cold. All your forgotten memories. My life is tired of seeking for your forgiveness. I want to see the dawn, but from the other side, see the dawn. Heaven please give me back my soul, I’m asking for another chance. I ran away from my home, ran away from my love, but no one’s ever escaped your hand Dear Lord.

All words are wasted on this lifeless body and nobody is around to see me die as they are supposed to. I’m searching for the way to make my presence count. My woman lies between the line of my eyes, she’s just waiting for me to die as well. We might as well just say goodbye to all the people that are a part of our lives. I want to live under your skin, I want to see all the jewelry lying below your skin. Your forehead it’s so small I’m afraid that if I kiss it, it might break down, your fate will always haunt us like if we were in a horror film trying to escape from a ghost of the past. He’s awfully ready to see you now, the doctor, unless you want to kill him first.

Fotografía por Fragile Ruins