Ira Karpusheva

Interview with Nadja Sveir
by Abel Ibáñez G.

What camera and other tools did you use to shoot this photograph?
Bronica SQ-A + Ilford XP2 400.

Did you collaborate with anyone?
On photo: actress Ira Karpusheva.

Tell us about the place and time when this photograph was taken. What were you doing there that day?
I remember that it was the end of September last year, it was sad that summer was leaving but autumn and other seasons were coming, everything had its time and place. I shot at this location in the summer too, this is the Pioneer’s house in Moscow, I like it.

Photography is always a collaboration, if you shoot someone you need to be on the same wavelength and understand what is happening in each process. This photo, it seems to me, is an example of the fact that Ira and I understood each other.

What do you like the most about this photograph and why?
I like Ira’s direction of gaze and since she is an actress she could reliably do it.

Was there anything that you can consider an influence or source of inspiration to create this photo?
I usually start from my feelings and emotions, and from feelings from a person. I have a rather apocalyptic view of the world, but at the same time I am inspired by simple things, I was not guided by any specific references.

Where and in which format would you like this photo to be exhibited?
I think it should be in a small format and would fit into a series about something.