Air Traffic

What camera and other tools did you use to shoot this photograph?
Contax T2 and Portra 160.

Tell us about the place and time when this photograph was taken. What were you doing there that day?
This photograph was taken in Adelboden, Switzerland. I was there on a work trip with my best friend and we had a day off so we decided to hike to the waterfall that was one and a half hours away. This photography was taken on a small and steep path along the mountainside on our way up.

What do you like the most about this photograph and why?
I love the contrast between the highly enclosed forest on the sides, and the small little crack of the path we were walking on with blue skies in the background. I also loved taking this image because I had to wait for the perfect moment to shoot the moving gondolas.

Was there anything that you can consider an influence or source of inspiration to create this photo?
During this trip I was staying in a beautiful design hotel which showcased a lot of historic black and white images of the village during the 50’s and 60’s. Walking around those halls definitely inspired me to create this photo with analog.

Tell us something fun, interesting, weird or intense that happened at any point during the process of making this photo.
My best friend was all the way up the path already when he realized I was frozen in my tracks waiting for the perfect moment where the gondolas aligned in the middle of the trees to take the image. It took me a while to decide to shoot while he was shouting at me from the top to hurry up!

For this photo, did you do something completely different to what you normally do for other photos?
Not necessarily! I used a compact camera here so I always check my aperture and then I just go for it.

Did you learn something during the process of shooting this photo?
Patience is key!

Where and in which format would you like this photo to be exhibited?
I think getting this printed and framed would be really beautiful in a Swiss home!

Interview by Abel Ibáñez G.