I want to go away

If my life has been a not-ending circle of hating the world I live in

then why wouldn´t be easy getting rid of it?

If my life has been everything I would never want to live

then why isn´t it simple to leave all that behind and live the one you do want to live in?

all hard decisions come with harsh circumstances

it´s like a bittersweet gift the world gives you

and you are going to get all within

Can I just have you and the life I want to live?

I just want to see the world in a blink

and be happy for a brief second

Fotografía: Delfina Vazquez


Escribir es mi pasatiempo, al igual que tomar fotos. Mi trabajo es ser niñera, busco a dos niños al colegio y los cuido en su casa hasta que lleguen sus padres. Antes solía dedicarme a ser profesora de inglés de 2do grado.