Footpath cracked and a weed grew

Which tools did you use for the creation of this piece?
Graphite, coloured pencil, pen and paint marker.

What was the creative process behind it, from the beginning until it was finished?
With the words in mind I built an abstract design for them to go with. Working around the paper adding detail, putting the words on toward the end.

I am pleased with the implication of urban decay and the power of nature to come back.

What were your references or influences?
Street art, poetry and jazz-fusion. The Idea of assembling a visual design like a building with interior, but while leaning back on an angle and thinking about something else.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?
I was free from the usual life concerns for the duration and my mind felt lucid. The piece arrived smoothly with an unforced appearance.

What was the hardest thing for you and how did you solve it?
Getting the paint markers to spill some paint then with a piece of cardboard working a good shape. I solved this by being spontaneous.