Evening at Home

23 marzo, 2020

Skin vessel
hands of conscience

the history breaks more for lack of maintenance

than because of the constant pounding against time.

Locked, naked,
in cookie boxes,
our home,
that hell of imaginary words,
and movies paradise,

How long will this confinement last?

The air out there enjoys our absence,
on the streets,
the plants shine,
there is music of empty trains,

This is the end of capitalism,
If you have a puzzle, start it.
If you don’t, learn to play an instrument.

Nobody is isolating you.
It is only you and your fear of time,
You wanted freedom, you wanted time.

If you don’t know what to do, imagine frogs,
covered on butter,
think of stones, and learn to pile them.

May the dread would abandon your body,

Today you breathe!
Learn to cook, once and for all, man,
write letters, apologize to your parents.

Somewhere, rivers of transparent water still flow.
Soft curtains inflate with the afternoon breeze.
A fountain is still on.
Children laugh.
Soap and dry towel soul, you are the light of your family.
As long as there is life,
there is life.

Fotografía por Jocelyn Catterson


Carlos José Pérez Sámano es un autor mexicano de ficción literaria y no ficción, facilitador de Talleres de Escritura Creativa en México, Estados Unidos, Kenia y Cuba. Con cuatro libros publicados y seleccionado en la antología Who Will Speak for America?, su trabajo ha aparecido en más de 20 revistas internacionales como Rio Grande Review, Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, ERRR Magazine, Quinqué, Poetry in Common, Forum, Cultura Colectiva, entre otros.

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