I stole it (I hope he doesn’t mind)

January 14, 2021
I find myself really fascinated by archeological artifacts. Whether it be relief fragments, utensils, jewelry, vessels, textile fragments or building ruins, and I enjoy incorporating things like that in my work. The name Break comes from my need for one.

November 16, 2020
I don’t use this type of images very often, but I thought I could make this one into something interesting. So, I created this very minimal landscape that, in a way, still has a bit of realism. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the artwork was inspired by Deafheaven’s album Sunbather, but the name does come from there.

December 7, 2020
I was planning to use the image for quite some time, but it just didn’t fit in anywhere. I find it really tricky with oval or round pictures. So I decided to, once again, avoid typography and just combine it with some cool-looking graphs. The name is taken from the upper left corner.

Out Of Place
October 28, 2020
I don’t really have much to say about this one. It was inspired by an album cover that I had seen a few days before. The pictures are from the Met Museum’s collection (which was a literal gold mine when I found it). The name Out Of Place just came naturally. I mean, how else could I’ve called it?

Passing Through
February 21, 2021
I’ve had this image for ages and it was just waiting for me to use it for something. Initially, I was planning to leave the negative space empty, but sometimes I feel guilty for posting ‘extremely’ minimal designs, so I decided to add the handwritten text in Russian, even though I liked it better without it. If I remember correctly, I was listening to a song called Passing Through by an artist called Yubik and I thought the name went really well with the picture I’ve used, so I stole it (I hope he doesn’t mind).