How lame we are in love

28 noviembre, 2018

Sometimes and perhaps almost every time
I would love to have a second chance
To make people try a little harder
I wish I could’ve made you stay
I realize my problem now
Which is simply that I like the wrong people too much
I liked your soul and maybe the most amazing part is
You didn’t even made me like you at all
Sometimes people don’t have to try, they just are so special because they are what one is looking for
I wish I could’ve made you fall in love with me
I know now I had so little time
But like I said once
Sometimes real chemistry
Only happens
In one part of the game and it’s always not two-sided
Sometimes and perhaps almost every time
I wish I had you back
I wish I could hold on to you just a little harder
And the lame part is how stupid and dumb I feel to like you since the very beginning in just a fucking blink of an eye.

Fotografía por Bill Dane


Escribir es mi pasatiempo, al igual que tomar fotos. Mi trabajo es ser niñera, busco a dos niños al colegio y los cuido en su casa hasta que lleguen sus padres. Antes solía dedicarme a ser profesora de inglés de 2do grado.