The girl who thinks she can wait

28 noviembre, 2018

I wish I had a chance to touch your lips again
Or take a glimpse of your eyes
Those that make me wonder
Why are they so deep and inscrutable?
I wish I had the chance to feel you again
Then I’ll keep reminiscing
Of how much I liked that night in the cliff
Captivated by all of you in just one stare
I’ll be waiting then
Until I kiss those lips again

And I’ll pause this moment until i see you one more time and I will press play to let my feelings start arising from the bottom of my soul, until then.. I’ll be waiting.

Fotografía por Martin Canova


Escribir es mi pasatiempo, al igual que tomar fotos. Mi trabajo es ser niñera, busco a dos niños al colegio y los cuido en su casa hasta que lleguen sus padres. Antes solía dedicarme a ser profesora de inglés de 2do grado.