Eyeballs, skulls and hands

Untitled 8 by 10 inch ink on illustration board completed sometime late last year, 2020.

Untitled 8 by 10 inch ink and coffee on illustration board done in winter of 2020. This piece includes three of my favorite things to draw; eyeballs, skulls and hands.

Untitled 8 by 10 inch ink, coffee and colored pencil on illustration board. This piece is a bit of a departure from my comfort zone as I used color, and a lot of it. Completed in the fall of 2020, and given to a local artist and tattooer, Jason McGarry in a trade.

Untitled 8.5 by 11 inch ink on cardstock done sometime in 2018. I used pen and ink and rubber stamps for this piece.

Bitter Pleasure 8 by 10 inch ink, rubber stamp, coffee, acrylic paint and collaged paper clippings. This piece is part of a small series of works I did in 2019 where I started by cutting out words and phrases from old books I had laying around and arranged them to form new sentences or phrases. Once I had a sentence put together I used it to spark inspiration for the artwork to come.

My name is Keith Caves, I'm a 26 year old artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. I work as a screen printer at a custom printing company here in Pittsburgh and do vocals in a punk band called White Stains.