Nostalgic for the Simple Days

What camera did you use to take this photograph?
Canon AE-1 Program.

How was the editing process?
There wasn’t a huge editing process. I let the film stock, Kodak Gold 200, work its magic. I had the film developed and scanned at a professional lab. I was pretty happy with the original scan but I made the temperature a bit warmer and toned down the blues to give it that nostalgic feel.

What do you remember from the day you took it?
It was a day that truly didn’t feel real. I was exploring with a friend in Yosemite National Park, California. We were wandering along the Merced river which runs through the valley. There are a lot of swimming spots but we happened to find this one part of the river where nobody was and it had the most perfect view of the iconic Half Dome. It was super hot that day but the water was ice cold. It was an afternoon I will never forget.

“I feel like I captured the feeling of summer really well. When the viewer looks at the photo, I hope they can imagine themselves there or are reminded of a similar memory.”

What feelings come to you when you look at it?
I feel at peace, mostly happy since it brings back the good memories of this day but I also get very nostalgic in a sad way knowing that summer in the mountains doesn’t last all year. It is my favorite time of the year.

What were your references, influences or inspirations during your creative process?
Lifestyle photographer Brian Chorski, known for his ability to document life on film.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?
How natural the composition came together. Nothing was posed, I didn’t even mention I was taking the photo. I felt really in the present moment, just standing, admiring the view and watching my friend go in the river. As soon as he began floating, I grabbed my camera and snapped the photo so quickly.

What was the hardest thing for you and how did you solve it?
Metering for the proper exposure especially because the moment was so quick. I think I ended up snapping two just incase I didn’t get the first exposure right.

In what format and where would you like to see it exhibited?
Digitally, online or in print.