Colour, n

11 abril, 2021

Colour, n – A visual attribute of things that results from the light of various frequencies they emit or transmit or reflect.

Paint meaning not only colour but substance as well, texture and its relationship with light.

it is impossible to accentuate any other colour better than the black.

The colours get reduced to the level of raw pigments, as if being decanted and freed of all redundancy.

There is no decipherable message, no colour-symbolism, no reference to the notes of
contemporary visual culture or to the communicational trends. Only substance.

Colour for the sake of colour – Rona Kopeczky, Art Historian


Painter Born in Novi Sad – Former Yugoslavia in 1980. He studied at the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest. In 2006 he gratuated at University of Fine Arts in Budapest. He lives and works in Budapest.

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