Yet, you have beautiful hands

You know how to use your hands pretty well don’t you?
How long have you been using them?
I’m the first damaged and purple skin?

Somebody before me congratulate you for the beautiful veins you have?
You’ve cauterized her past?
You’ve walked many skin miles?
You’ve bruised someone else’s face?
You’ve lied that bad in the past?
Don’t look at me that way.
Stop bringing that face around.
I can’t bear to feel that weak at last.
I can also make you bleed at night.
Do my words upset you?
You don’t have a pretty face but you really know how to leave a trace.
You have an ugly tone but you make me feel like if I had a soul.
You use fancy words but you don’t really know how bad I want you to leave me alone.
Your fingers play with my hair once in a while and your nails scratch unhealed wounds that never went out of style…
You hold my face with both of your hands because you can’t stand the fact that I want to turn around…
You were once was polite.
You once held me tight.
And that night… I swore you would actually leave my skin alone.
I guess you always knew how to use your hands…
You just couldn’t keep your hands behind.
Yet, you have beautiful hands.

Fotografía: Nicoletta Branco