Worlds that resonate with distant planets

Title: Gutter – Taiyo EP
Year: 2017
Release artwork for the Berlin label Mandatory Records. The grid is inspired by the beat pattern of the track, and the monoprint composition by the more organic / human sound of the track.

Title: Monoprint Series
Year: 2017
This is the first monoprint series that I’ve ever made. I used to hate making compositions by hand and just ended up frustrated by not achieving the results that I was looking for. Luckily, one of my favourite teachers from art academy kept motivating me and taught me the skills. After this eye-opening process, monoprinting became one of the foundations of my work.

Title: Schönes Wochenende Event Artwork
Year: 2017
Although the process of monoprinting is analogue, I enjoy deconstructing the prints on the computer. Zooming in on high-resolution scans, to bring new details to live.

Title: Club Shelter Amsterdam
Year: 2019
Artwork commissioned by one of Amsterdam’s finnest techno clubs. While creating monoprints on paper I’m always imagining fictional worlds. Worlds that resonate with distant planets. The process of monoprinting, stepping away from the screen and working with ink and paper, is a very zen activity for me.

Title: Soft Kill – Choke
Year: 2021
Personal project and redesign of one of my favourite records by the band Soft Kill. I play the album’s track ‘Whirl’ almost weekly while working. For this artwork, the process felt very organic — everything fell in the right place. I think the typography and handmade feel catch the vibe of the track very well.