What are you looking at?

Pauline, April 2021.
I met this girl for the first time during this shooting. I like the fact that this portrait is very intimate even if we barely know each other, it’s like we created a secret together. When I prepare for shootings, I don’t have a specific outcome in mind. I imagine universes, moods, but the rest is created during the instant, between the model and me. I like to define my portraits as moments built together, exchanges.

Fantine, June 2020.
We spent 3 months in the same theater school class, but we couldn’t really say that we met at that time because we didn’t speak much. Several months later, we crossed each other in a bar, she spoke to me and I surprised myself thinking « this girl is cool, actually », which was not my first opinion of her. She contacted me to take some photos, and it was at this moment we really met each other. Now, she is one of the people I love shooting the most, and a person that I appreciate a lot. Photography can have a strange power in human relationships.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, June 2019
This photo brings me back to a very peaceful memory.
I was in residency with people to prepare a theater play, we were staying in the apartment of the parents of one of them. This week really strengthened our ties, and I think it’s from that moment that we went from colleagues to real friends.
We were walking along the beach, returning to the apartment when this photo was taken. I was quite surprised to discover the result after developing the film, and this one perfectly illustrates an aspect of analog photography that fascinates me : you can get an idea of the result, but sometimes you discover something different from what you expected and it creates something very unique.

Fantine, January 2020
What are you looking at?

Hugo, January 2019
He’s one of my best friends. I like experimenting new photographic things with him, because our closeness makes the process so easy. I think he is the person who judges the least my ideas, I can propose him anything he will always be up for it. Have a Hugo in your life.