We don’t need to wash the wind

I needed vacations. The only destination I could go to was my aunt’s bath. My aunt’s apartment is actually a place that I know since I’m a little kid and it has always been a place where I can relax.

The hair is like the wind and the wind is like the hair. The only exception is that we don’t need to wash the wind.

One night in Lausanne (Switzerland), I was going home, drunk, from some friend’s place and I found this dead Christmas tree. I thought “why is this tree standing there?” and the tree must have been asking itself “why the fuck is this man taking a picture of me?”. Everything is a matter of point of view.

This one was taken in Bruxelles (Belgian). I was full of worries at the time. I thought I could go into this store to solve my problems but unfortunately everything was locked down because of COVID.

As a very big hiker, I found an abandoned car in the Swiss mountains. This car was very stylish and cool to me. But it was missing something. So I added some flowers that I found nearby to make my picture way more instagramable. Then, I was happy.