Untitled 009

Beware, my darling
for my love is a poison.
It’s slow-acting
but effective.

First you’ll feel the tingling
and think nothing of it.
You might even enjoy it.
But with accumulation
comes the pain.

It’s like a knife
twisting deep in your stomach.
You might ignore it,
or you might fight it.
But either way,
it will do it’s job.

Lastly, comes the numbness.
This is usually where most give up.
You won’t feel anything
and you’ll be glad for it
you’ll soak in it’s relief
as long as you don’t feel anymore pain.

But what most people don’t stick around for
is the antidote.

It’s that sweet kiss
that takes it all away.

And I promise
you’ll never feel it again.

Most people call my love Thallium,
but that’s not the case.
I just needed to know
who was really willing to stay.