Untitled 007

Two weeks go by.

Another two weeks
without hearing your voice
or feeling your eyes on me
when I am looking away.

Another two weeks
spent trying to remember your scent
and picturing your smile.

After some time
I start to wonder
are you still real?

Were you ever?

Another two weeks
crying myself to sleep
because I miss you.

One day is not enough.
I want more.

I get every part of you
for 12 hours.

The love,
the kisses,
the touches,
the smiles and the laughs,
the jokes.
The “how was your day?”

and then
the “goodbye”
the “see you in two weeks”

And all that’s left
is another two weeks
of forgetting all over again.

Of waiting
for you to come back
and remind me
of your touch.

Two weeks
is just too long
to be without your love.