Turkish highways

How did you first get into the world of modeling? Please share your story and what inspired you to pursue this path.
Now it’s been over 10 years for me working in this industry, so you can tell I’m a pro. I’m still with my very first mother agency and grew agencies all over the world during my career. I think if you are young, 180cm tall, and literally every friend of your parents tells you, you should try to join a basketball team or try modeling you get convinced by time.

Jokes aside I always loved to play dress up, try different roles, wear my grandmas dress (she was a ballerina) and perform some play at a family’s dinner. when I was 15 I convinced my parents that I want a model coaching for Christmas and my birthday together. It wasn’t cheap at all, but had the best impact on me ever. I got it. I loved it. With 18 I signed with Addicted to Models in Vienna and startet working internationally with clients like Vogue, Elle, Versace or Zara.

Photo by Julia de Robertis

Can you describe a memorable moment or experience from your modeling career that has had a significant impact on you?
During 2020 I moved to Turkey and worked for the same client over and over again. They fell in love with me and made me the muse of their brand. I was all over their website, shops and Turkish highways. It was very good experience, good money and my international breakthrough!

Many models use their platform to advocate for social or environmental causes. Do you have a particular cause that you’re passionate about and involved in? How do you strive to use your influence to make a positive impact?
Last year I started my own model coaching “Modelschmiede” to help models who aspire to work as good as me as a model or are just starting and need guidance as their mentor.

Photo by Elisabeth Lechner

Models often work with a variety of creative professionals, from photographers to makeup artists. Could you tell us about a collaboration that was particularly memorable or influential in your career?
That was photographer Pat Domingo in Mallorca, Spain who works with Naomi Campbell and Alessandra Ambrosio regularly.

How do you maintain a work-life balance in an industry that can be demanding in terms of travel and schedules? Are there any self-care routines or hobbies that help you unwind and relax?
I’m a huge fan of self care. Going to bed early, not drinking alcohol and as much fresh air as I can get are my go tos. Regularly foot massages are a must. My boyfriend is my safe space, we talk about literally anything and he is my greatest supporter.

Photo by Elisabeth Lechner

What advice would you give to aspiring models who are looking to break into the industry and build a successful career?
Do research about the industry! Make very good Polas! Give it a shot!

Who in the modeling world inspires you?
Gisele Bündchen is my forever muse. She is amazingly beautiful on the inside and outside. Loved her book “My way to a meaningful life”.