Legend has it that if you skate down any beach sidewalk after 1:45 AM blasting Hysteria by Def Lepard, you will, without a doubt, turn into a troll doll and be freed from all worries and human obligations.
This piece was made drawing the word TROLL DOLL and CASSETTE TAPE out of a bowl full of random ideas I had people submit to me online.

I’ve never been good at waking up to see the sunrise over my breakfast plate. Maybe if I did I’d see the magic of sweaty eggs smiling up at the sun and I would be forced to have the most perfect productive day. As nice as that sounds I think I’ll still sleep in.
This piece was inspired by the only day I woke up at 6 AM and I had enough time to eat breakfast AND get a few projects done before I started my day.

Although I love sweet treats, buddies, and games, the goodest good time is when you’re alone in your tiny bed in the middle of the day with 9 blankets over your body, in the fetal position, staring at your phone, putting off all the work you have to do just for fun.
This piece was inspired by a vintage childrens tee shirt I found that had a bear eating ice cream and playing games on it.

My dream is to become a slow saggy dog with endless meat options spread before me on a blanket in the sun, so overwhelmed with joy that I can barely keep my eyes open and body propped up by my fat and droopy legs.
This piece was inspired by a vintage crewneck from the 70’s I found with a sad sloppy dog on it.

Why the hell would you want be an artist when you could be a server at a high end restaurant that never accepts your vacation requests, only schedules you doubles, and makes you come in even if you got hit by a car on your bike on your way in and may have a concussion?
This piece was inspired by myself, everyone and everything we tell ourselves would be a good idea to do to get through our little lives.

Addeline Griswold is a self taught artist based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She specializes in custom portraits, acrylic paintings, murals, business designs, and original designs for herself. In her free time she enjoys being a dog Mom of two, shopping for her and her partner's vintage store, running around in hyper speed, and making fun positive artwork for you to enjoy.

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