Interview with Vladislav Parshin
by Abel Ibáñez G.

How did the song change during the process of writing, producing and recording?
Not that much, it was made in several days.

Who collaborated in the process of writing the music, lyrics, production, recording, mixing, etc.?
Only me.

What was something fun, interesting, weird or intense that happened during the recording sessions?
I’ve learned how to kiss my elbow. My wife had her wisdom tooth pulled out. We took a stray kitten home.

What was the biggest lesson during the writing and recording process?
Make limits. Jump on one leg to your computer space and close one ear when you’re mastering.

For this song, did you do something completely different to what you normally do for other songs?
I played a keyboard solo only with one finger. Not normal for me, as you may know, I can’t stand just looking at those beautiful black and white knobs.

If could have collaborated with anyone in any part of the process, who would that person be and why?
A mirrored copy of Julius Caesar.

If you were to record another version of this song, how would it be? What part of the process would you face differently?
I will include noises from the growing grass. Saxophone solo will not be bad either. Maybe cats choir.

Which is the biggest challenge of play this song live and how have you resolved it?
Not to have dancers on stage.

In a playlist, which song would you play after this one?
I don’t want this song to stop.