In moments when life’s tempests swell,
And trials test my inner shell,
I find a force I know so well,
To unleash my holly hell.

Not anger’s wrath, nor hatred’s scold,
But flames of courage, strong and bold,
Within my heart, a tale untold,
A power deep, an ember’s hold.

Through darkest nights and shadows’ creep,
I’ll rise above, I’ll never weep,
With spirit’s blaze, my soul will keep,
To holly hell, my dreams I’ll reap.

No violence roars within this core,
Just strength that’s found in depths of yore,
A will to strive, to reach and soar,
To conquer heights, to seek much more.

So when life’s challenges compile,
And I must walk a weary mile,
I’ll tap into this fierce lifestyle,
Unleashing holly hell, my smile.

With passion’s flames, my fears dispel,
A warrior’s heart, I know full well,
With every step, my tale I tell,
To blaze my path, and darkness quell.

In the face of trials that impel,
I’ll stand my ground, won’t ever sell,
For in me burns, an ancient spell,
To unleash my holly hell.

– Angela Tamez
27 Julio 2023 ( Monterrey México )