Through the floor

1 febrero, 2021

The Girl in the Bath
I picked a sort of basic name for this painting because I feel like it’s sort of a basic concept. When I think about absent-mindedness, I think of drifting, and my thoughts drift while I’m doing something calming. I think that’s how it is for most people. I used acrylic paint and posca pens!

These are just some doodles I came up with a while ago! I often draw whatever comes to mind, and they often appear to be super random :) I enjoy just letting my mind wander

This is another piece about absent-mindedness. I’d like to think that sometimes when we get lost in our thoughts it’s almost like we are melting into our surroundings, like we’re falling through the floor. I painted this with acrylic paints.

This was mostly for anatomy practice but I often like to take stuff like that and turn it into something expressive because as helpful as drawing a page full of muscles is, it’s not super fun to me! Although PRACTICING ANATOMY IS HELPFUL @ YOUNG ARTISTS!! Don’t be like me heh, I avoid the important things!! But yeah, I enjoyed drawing this, It’s one of my favorite pieces from my sketchbook :3

This is another piece I did to help study anatomy!! I painted it with gouache a few weeks ago. Gouache is a super cool medium, it’s like a mix between watercolors and acrylics, and I really enjoy messing with the colors and making my paintings look muddy, but in a good way haha!


hiii // 16! // art blocked pls don’t use my designs/art w out my permission commissions r open!

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