The weight of the years

    Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in photography. What inspired you to start taking photos?
    I’m from small island in Indonesia but live and work in Sydney. I’ve loved documenting life since I was 14, using my mom’s film camera. Back then, I had to wait up to two weeks to see the results. We would always sit together with friends and discuss the photos, and those moments were truly memorable for me.

    Everyone has a unique style. Can you describe how you would define your style and what visual or conceptual elements characterize it?
    My photographic style is ever-evolving, but in its current state, it’s deeply rooted in storytelling. I strive to ensure that each photo communicates a message or evokes a feeling in the viewer. Aesthetically, I’m drawn to warm tones, which add a comforting and nostalgic touch to my work.

    Photography has the power to tell stories and convey emotions. Can you share an experience in which one of your photos had a significant impact on people or on yourself?
    One of the most emotionally photographs I’ve ever taken was of my two grandmothers. Having lived abroad for a decade, the COVID-19 restrictions kept me away from them for four long years. Their age, the lines on their faces, and their gentle demeanors struck me with profound melancholy. That photograph, more than just a captured moment, became a poignant reminder of the relentless march of time, the fragility of life, and the deep-rooted bonds of family. Every time I look at it, I’m not just seeing their faces but also feeling the weight of the years and the love I have for them

    What has been your most challenging photographic project to date and why?
    One of my toughest gigs was a pre-wedding shoot. I’m more of a nature photographer, so getting all the details right in a portrait was a whole new ballgame for me. Instead of catching random beautiful moments, I had to really plan and direct. Definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

    Technology and photo editing tools are constantly evolving. Can you tell us about the techniques and equipment that you consider essential for your work?
    When it comes to my photography techniques and gear, I like to keep things simple. Especially with nature shots, I’m all about minimal edits. It’s important to me that the colors and brightness truly reflect what I saw in real life. For editing, I swear by Lightroom on my phone – it’s got all I need and lets me work on the go.

    There are many genres in photography, from portraits to nature photography. Do you have a favorite genre in which you feel most comfortable or enjoy shooting the most? Why?
    Absolutely, travel and nature photography are my jams. Whenever I come across breathtaking nature scenes, I’m just blown away. It’s a powerful reminder that our Earth is stunning, and we’ve got a responsibility to care for it. Through my photos, I hope to spread that message and inspire others to cherish and protect our planet.

    Can you share an interesting or unusual anecdote you’ve experienced while taking photos?
    While on a trip to capture the mesmerizing Northern Lights, I learned a chilly lesson. Just as the lights began their dance, creating a surreal tapestry across the sky, my camera’s battery, unable to withstand the biting cold, drained completely. There I stood, amidst one of nature’s most captivating displays, with no power in my camera. It was a poignant reminder that nature’s majesty can sometimes be overwhelming, even for our modern gadgets.

    Many photographers find inspiration in other visual artists or everyday life. What are some of your sources of inspiration?
    I draw a lot of my inspiration from fellow photographers I follow on social media, photobooks, and YouTube. But it’s not just about the grand visuals for me. Over time, I’ve practiced tuning into the little details of everyday life. It’s those often overlooked moments and sights that can be super intriguing to capture. It’s a mix of learning from others and staying open to the beauty in the ordinary.

    Photography is a visual medium, but it often has a conceptual background. Have you worked on photographic projects that address specific themes or concepts? Can you share information about one of those projects?
    Photography, while deeply visual, can also be a powerful vehicle for conveying concepts and emotions. I’ve delved into thematic projects a few times, and one that stands out is my pre-wedding shoots. Each couple brings their unique love story, and my challenge is to translate their journey and emotions into visuals. Through locations, poses, and candid moments, I aim to capture the essence of their relationship, highlighting the anticipation, joy, and intimacy leading up to their big day. It’s a delicate balance of storytelling and artistry, making these projects both challenging and immensely rewarding

    What inspires you when creating new images? Do you have a ritual or creative process you follow to find inspiration?
    Nature is my go-to for inspiration. There’s something about being outdoors that calms me down and lets the creativity flow. I don’t feel the need to rush; I just take in the surroundings and let them guide my shots. As for rituals, I don’t stress too much. I believe the best images come when you’re relaxed and present.

    For aspiring photographers who may be reading this interview, what is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received in your career, or what advice would you like to share with them?
    To the emerging photographers who may be reading this, one of the most valuable insights I can share is the importance of persistence and authenticity in your craft. Continue to hone your skills and seek your unique visual voice. While it’s natural to admire the works of others, avoid falling into the trap of incessant comparison. Everyone has a distinct style, and there’s an audience for every approach. Above all, remember that the core of any impactful photograph is its message. Ensure that your images articulate a narrative or emotion, and always prioritize genuine expression over imitation.

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