The most private duties

Palacio de Bellas Artes (Mexico City)
Green marble, art deco, if you are lucky you can listen to the rehearsal of the National Symphonic Orchestra while you are on your most private duties.

Musée de l’Orangerie (Paris)
A private big toilet between Modigliani and Picasso, a lot of natural light from the Tuileries: absolutely exquisite.

Shinjuku Station (Tokyo)
A beautiful toilet in a train station with special controls! Nothing more to say.

Pollería ‘No recuerdo el nombre’ (somewhere in the mountains of Guatemala)
A very dignified latrine with a supreme view to the volcanoes.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taipei)
Peaceful, discrete and clean from Tuesday to Friday.

Raúl Gasque is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist who works with performance, abstract expressionism, photography, and text. His work is a continuous exploration of issues related to storytelling, politics and psychology from a not conventional angle. His life has been an ongoing exploration in different parts of the world; a situation that has stimulated himself to try to explore things from nonorthodox perspective. His artistic creations got enriched by his experiences that included vast experience in journalism and politics. Such as the communication advisor of the Peace Nobel Prize Rigoberta Menchu in 2007. Since 2010 writes for publications on photography, illustration, and painting. Wrote art texts and articles for 5 Pieces Gallery and the South American magazine ANORMALMAG. Also collaborated with Vice Media with full articles that he developed with text and photography. His texts always have the priority to transcribe on the work of emerging visual artists. These texts have been exposed as room statements in spaces such as MC Gallery in Chelsea, New York, and exhibitions such as The Future of Tao by the artist collective Lolol in Taipei Taiwan. Gasque’s work has been exhibited and performed in places such as the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, The National Modern Museum of Art in Mexico City—a collective exhibition—, The Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts—immersive performance—,and VT Art Salon. Raúl Gasque is currently based in Yangmingshan Taiwan. Place where he is currently developing an art practice project that will be exhibited as a whole in the Mexican Cultural and Trade Office in Taiwan.

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