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End Game

17 noviembre, 2021

«As a child you liked to play spinning tops, dear», said mum. Not so long after being a child, «I’d rather trade the spin for drugs», she thought. The top that spins is like Coke, nobody sees it though there it is, spinning. The sequence of the circumference that follows are sleepless days, sleepless nights, […]

I’m done

7 noviembre, 2021

This is my final statement. Note to self: this is not it. I am not alone. I am enough. The easy way out does not exist. Behold I stand in my writer’s chair, holding an invisible dagger against my throat. The needle in my hay. This cure for the common cold has nothing to do […]

Moscow Mule

27 septiembre, 2021

John Doe was a humble man. A blue-collared worker with a restless hand. Worked in a highway, east end 102. Sealing roads, chopping stone with a dumb’s man ox. Down home, laid. He’d play pool, act too cool for school. Come Johnny go get that fuel the one you get from a pill, coloured blue. […]