So Red, So Easy to Forget

What camera and other tools did you use to shoot this photograph?
I shot it with my trusty Fujifilm X70.

Tell us about the place and time when this photograph was taken. What were you doing there that day?
I had just decided to go outside to take some photos. I stepped outside my apartment, turned into a street, and it was there: within sixty seconds of being outside I saw something. Having had days, even weeks going without a single keeper, I was extremely happy. The motorbike and its partial cover looked just beautiful.

What do you like the most about this photograph and why?
The red. I am instantly drawn to it. It’s something about this colour… I have the most fun while editing the colour red in Lightroom, because it opens the picture up to so many possibilities.

Is there a title for this photo? If so, why did you choose it? If not, what would be a good title for it?
I call it “So Red, So Easy to Forget”. The photo is from my photo-story “Unutursan Darilmam” (I Won’t Be Upset If You Forget Me, 2019 – Ongoing). And I always try to come up with titles with a rhyme for that project. It’s one of those.

Was there anything that you can consider an influence or source of inspiration to create this photo?
Not particularly, no. It was just… there. The angle, the colour, the approach; all of them are mine. I would say, this photo is “very me”, as well.

Tell us something fun, interesting, weird or intense that happened at any point during the process of making this photo.
I remember spending the rest of the day happy just because I took this photo as soon as I went outside the house. So lucky. It’s an absolute keeper.

For this photo, did you do something completely different to what you normally do for other photos?
No, it was my usual approach — I put some distance with my subject, tried to make the angle pleasant, and shoot it with my camera’s 28mm fixed lens.

Did you learn something during the process of shooting this photo?
“Be outside, that’s half of being there.”

If you could have collaborated with anyone to shoot this photo, who would they be and why?
Not really. I prefer to be on my own — the streets are mine, and mine only.

Where and in which format would you like this photo to be exhibited?
Hah, this is a fantastic question. Actually, I would love it if it was plastered on a wall in the neighbourhood that I took it. I don’t know why, I think it would look nice.