Saw You at the Record Shop Today

What is the origin of this song?
This song is for the outsiders and lonely lost people who find refuge in albums and record shopping. It was basically an excuse to list some of my favorite record titles in the lyrics.

How was the recording session?
I recorded this in my kitchen in San Francisco. Jeremy Earl from Woods added tabla and shaker at his house in upstate New York. Thomas Rubenstein from the Telephone Numbers added some guitars to it.

What were the references, influences or musical inspiration?
The song itself is full of album references, “Love Bites”, “Candy Apple Grey”, a tore up “Only Theater of Pain” and more. I don’t really think about other bands when I write a song, but some big influences in general for me would be Tracey Thorn, Leonard Cohen, The Go-Betweens and The Smiths.

I rarely like anything I do, that’s why I keep making songs, trying to make the perfect one. I need to move on from a song quickly and rarely revisit them. I assume they are full of mistakes.

What did you most enjoyed of the writing, production and recording process?
My favorite part of any song is adding the window-dressing at the end, the last guitar parts, small details and atmospheres.

What was the most difficult part of the process and how was it overcome?
The hardest and most awkward part is being ok with how you sing and listening to yourself sing on playback. I have to pretend it is someone else in order to move on and finish the song.

If you could have invited anyone else to collaborate, who would it have been and why?
Some vocals or piano from Robert Wyatt would be nice! How about if Bjork could add vocals too and maybe some choreography?

What is the biggest challenge to present this song live and how has it been solved?
I haven’t tried this one live.

Recommend us a song that you have heard lately and that you like.
“Shirley Don’t” by April Magazine.