The Sunday Estate + Moon Brain




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The Sunday Estate + Moon Brain
Mojo Record Bar
Sydney, Australia
14 de septiembre 2019


The Sunday Estate formed in 2018 so that singer/guitarist Conor O’Reilly and drummer Sven Andrlon could live up to their frequent claims to co-workers at their casual job that they were one day going to be musicians. That said, at the time, the most they had to go off was a promise that Sven could play a Green Day track on drums and a handful of songs that Conor had written at home. That was not going to stop them, though, so they took to fleshing out a line-up, adding Tom Flynn, to play guitar, and primary-school friend Finn Potter to play bass via an Instagram story. Finn had never touched a bass guitar and Tom didn’t own a guitar amp, but all were avid fans of similar music, with a few influences quickly sticking: 80’s post-punk and pop, 2000’s indie “revival”, and contemporaries like The 1975 and The National. The band spent 2018 perfecting their craft, working on Conor’s songs and their live set, even if they only played one gig – performed with a fake, throwaway band name “The Bumbag Boys”. 2019 saw the band gather momentum as they grew in confidence and in size. After attending the “Bumbag Boys” gig in another band, David Stano joined also on guitar, and The Sunday Estate played their first show under their new, permanent name a couple weeks later. Off the back of the growing buzz around the band and packed live shows, The Sunday Estate recently signed to indie tastemaker label Mirror Records (Sloan Peterson / Clea / Charlie Collins).

Moon Brain is the solo project of Sydney resident David Rogers.



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