Nights at the Mojo: Geoff Towner, Tahi, Foxlore, The Model School

About a year ago, Geoff and my band shared stage at a show at the Leadbelly. That’s how we met. His music made me think of Red House Painters and Jason Molina. At some point during that show, Geoff played a song called Free Spirit and I could not hold my tears of excitement: I was very touched by the lyrics and his performance.

About two months ago, I invited Geoff to play at the Mojo Record Bar. The place was packed and everyone at the bar was in the mood for party. It was only the ones who were closest to him that night that could appreciate the beauty of his songs between the regular noise of a Saturday crowd.

Last night, it was different and very special: as soon as Geoff started picking the strings from his guitar the whole bar went silence, listening. Song after song, the audience at Mojo were captivated by the songs. With Yas a special guest on backing vocals and tambourine, it was magic.

Regularly a four-piece –Jackson could not make it tonight but his Gibson guitar, played by Leah, was there–, Tahi delivered a very energetic performance. With Georgia as their new drummer on board, the trio set the night on fire.

«You want this bitch for breakfast«, sang Leah as Ryan played the more intense bass of the night. Can’t wait for their next performance.

I’ve seen Foxlore playing live a few times. My favourite moment is when they play A Better You and everyone at the bar sings along «One two three four five six seven eight…»

«Holy shit! Foxlore are my new favourite band! Everything that’s good about post punk, krautrock, shoegaze and noise rock rolled into one!», said Geoff Towner later on the night.

Recently, Foxlore have been playing a couple of new songs that have not been released yet. One of these songs makes me think of the first records of Interpol, but there is so much more on Foxlore’s music than a mere reference to the bands from that era.

The other new song, on which they ended up their performance with vocalist from Beldame as a special guest, invites everyone to sing along. Foxlore is a powerful and intense band not to be missed. Hopefully they release these new songs soon!

On Saturday afternoon, a couple of hours before this show at the Mojo, I was discussing with Gemma the lyrics from It’s Hard to Dance When Your Legs Are on Fire, by The Model School. I agree, it must be hard, but then: is there a better time to dance? Is there any other way to dance than losing your control? I don’t know really know. I usually don’t dance. But it was hard not to pay full attention to this band.

This was the first time I saw The Model School playing live. With amazing recordings, I was very excited about their sound on live performance and satisfied: their show went beyond expectations. I will keep track of where they play next, definitely excited to see them again. Perhaps at Mojo sometime soon?

It’s always a pleasure and great feeling when fellow bands go to other bands’ shows. Last night, along with singer Myrna from band Beldame, members of the bands Timm Thaler and Cone of Confusion dropped by. By the way, Cone of Confusion –who sold out their show at Venue 505 last week– will be playing on our next Night at the Mojo on November 9th, with performances also by Manor Ants, Boroky and Florange. Hope to see you all there!

Text and photos by Abel Ibáñez G.


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