My generation

Nation populated by one.


A radiant child,
is an easy mark.
So I’ve mastered
the art
and become
a child that’s vicious.
The devil’s touch
now ain’t suspicious.


Preachers say furies
are at home.
And home is where
most injuries occur.
Land of the wounds
carved by those we
trust the most.


I lay corrupt,
I am this country.
The long lost vision
of gone blind

In my land there are
in human form.
In packs like wolves,
howling at the moon.


The departure of the
infamous red pig.
The arrival
of the brave
blue bird.
Though the savvy
turned out to be
the birdbrained
in the greatest
of all showdowns.
With the greatest
of prizes
and rewards:

A man who never believed
in churches of any sort
who curiously
had the courage
to call himself
«the chosen one».

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