Living With Myself

How did the song change during the process of writing, producing and recording?
It started as a really scuzzy home demo, programmed drums and gibberish lyrics where I came up with some vocal melodies on the spot. It was really unremarkable and actually pretty bad. I wasn’t sold on it and it was the last song that I wrote for our album. As far as i can remember I was playing a really low-tuned guitar and just playing the chord progression. I probably would have thought nothing of it but because it sounded different to a usual G, E minor, etc., I was fooled into thinking that I had written something interesting! When it came time to record, I still wasn’t sure about it but then Dylan brought the magic in his drumming, Emma added some great vocals and Nathalie changed the whole vibe of the choruses with her bass.

It went from a throw-away track that was nearly thrown away to being the first single off our second record.

How was the recording session for this song?
It’s always fun. Each member of the band was learning the song and making up their own parts on the day they recorded. Everyone else in the band is amazing so they naturally smashed it, turning my so-so song into something listenable.

What were other options for the title of the song and why was this one chosen in the end?
Originally I was singing I’m never gonna leave again over the choruses. That’s already a song on the album though, so… Eventually I found a more suitable chorus –and title.

What’s the story behind the lyrics of the song?
There isn’t a story, per se. I try to just start with the first line and follow the thread from there. The first line is Living in sin, which is a pretty all-encompassing statement. I tried to just zoom in further and further from there with each following line and verse. It’s ended up being a pretty personal but still light-hearted song. I had a melody for the chorus and the the line I’m living with myself seemed to fit neatly enough. I went with that chorus and title because it’s open to a bunch of varying interpretations or moods. It could be about dealing with your flaws or it could just be about sharing a house with your best friend.

Were there any influences or musical references that you used during the writing and recording process of this song?
I try to avoid musical references, insofar as directing people to imitate a vibe or style from existing things. I know that I have many, many subconscious influences that make up my writing and the said can be same for the rest of the band. I hope that it blends into something even moderately unique. For this song I remember just wanting it to NOT sound like a 2000s garage indie track –which the demo embarrassingly did.

What was the biggest obstacle during the writing and recording process and how was it overcome?
My biggest obstacle is usually overworking something until I’m sick of it and don’t like it anymore. Thankfully I never really liked this song so I largely ignored it until it was actually done. Turns out I liked it by then!

What was the biggest lesson during the writing and recording process?
The same thing that I learn (and forget) every time! Forget the preconceptions that I had about how it could or should end up. Because when the rest of the band do their thing it’s always going to end up better than I imagined.

In a playlist, which song would you play after this one?
I think something from the most recent Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton album would flow well from it.