My grandpa always had this special grumpy judgemental facial expression that lasted for a couple of seconds. He always wore his Birkenstock sandals and had very dry and crusty feet which made a very nasty sound by rubbing into the sandals. Once in a while, he smiled because our budgie made something funny.

I was very introverted as a child. So I always pulled my sweater over my head and imagined that I’m in a safe cave inside the sweater but also was too curious to not have a look outside. Also being sassy while being safe was way easier.

Kumanda is the Turkish word for a remote control. There’s this thing in Turkey where all of the old people put their remote controls into plastic bags and seal them with tape to protect them from oily fingers and dust.

Sphynxy fart
This is one of my weirdest memories of all time. There was this young woman doing yoga in the streets while her (I guess) Sphynx cat sat on her back. Then all of a sudden the woman farted and didn’t even give a f*** about people laughing and looking at her. The cat seemed very familiar with this scenario though.

Cats love Eames
I unfortunately never had a cat. But back in our house in Mersin, we had a knock-off Eames Plastic Shell Chair where this street cat came and sat on every night. I named him Mustafa since he reminded me of a conservative Turkish old guy manspreading.