I’m on your side

What is the origin of this song?
This was one of the first songs I wrote for the record. I was obsessed with the Weeknd’s album After Hours and Sharon Von Etten’s – Remind Me Tomorrow, and I really wanted to make another full synth record.

How was the recording session?
Recording the song was done in a few parts, one at my home studio with Lena and Spike, the drums remotely with the amazing Ryan Jewell, and mixing with Jonathan Schenke. This song was pretty smooth to write and record!

What were the references, influences or musical inspiration?
The Weeknd’s – Save your tears Doja cat – you right Taylor Swift – All you had to do was stay Sharon Von Etten – Jupiter 4

What do you like most about the song and why?
I am pretty happy with the blending of the acoustic guitar and the synths. I have always found that challenging to blend. I also love Lena’s vocals in this song!

What did you most enjoyed of the writing, production and recording process?
It was a very smooth and easy song to write. I basically wrote it and recorded it in one day so I always love it when songs come out easily.

What was the most difficult part of the process and how was it overcome?
We recorded some parts remotely and that was pretty challenging to not be in the same room together. It just made everything take longer and forced us to spend more time in the editing process.

If you could have invited anyone else to collaborate, who would it have been and why?
I really wanted Hand Habits on this record because I’m such a huge fan. The Weeknd! And I really wanted it to be produced by Oneohtrix Point Never

What is the biggest challenge to present this song live and how has it been solved?
We have been playing these songs from the record without synth with a more stripped back acoustic vibe. It has been sounding great but tricky to rework the songs to make them still feel full.

Recommend us a song that you have heard lately and that you like.
Beth Orton – Forever Young.