I’m feeling so tired

It’s all about love it had always been. Wait for it to come to you, a daily exercise is very difficult to fulfil. You flied thorough the skies with your foot on the ground drinking some cold ice beverage. It’s about our time together once upon a different time. We weren’t two uncomfortable weirdos then; on the contrary we were supposed to be “happily ever after”. As soon as I recover my senses, I try to write non-stop with a full acknowledgment of how I’m feeling.

I walk towards her my mind is fully recovered. The story about two different worlds that just couldn’t be together. You gain all that weight just to have energy all day and, what for? Our lives were full of life until the day we went to China and aliens abduct you. Then you thought about moving to New York and everything went to shit. We got lost in the Broadway Triangle, for the first time your blueberry tasting saliva reminded me of how you were cheating on me with my boss. That’s why he keeps pushing me, he wants to develop more processes that I don’t know about.

It is as weird as getting in touch with a strange person who you don’t remember. We didn’t spend that much time in the city since you became addicted to energy drinks and pot. Meanwhile another Aquarius turned in to my life. She’s trying to make me write songs about her. I’ve lost so much time by trying to like her and for her to like me. It’s an effort that I’m not going to give any chance and make her feel better. Now I’m in my new time machine. I’ll try to recover some of the time I’ve being wasting and wasting.

I’m gonna’ tell you the story of how I decided to build my own time machine and gain another ten years of life. First I went in to the Bank, searching for some rich old lady who could pay for the materials. After I realize who was going to be my prey I followed her out of the Bank. Nothing was distracting my attention, I walked with her and we started speaking in tongues. As soon as she got distracted I turn into a tiger took her handbag and ran away. She was crying when she get to the aquarium (another water reference).

Once my time machine was ready, I was surfing through time and space. I could feel how my body was getting comfortable with the new time I had won. I was healed and wasn’t tired anymore.

Fotografía: Tomé Duarte