I have to be brutally honest with you

I have to be brutally honest with you.

There are no stories to these images.

I simply created them without much thought or intention.

Any story I would attach to these would be, in essence, bullshit.

I just move shapes and lines around until I find them pleasing to my eye.

My name is Daren Thomas Magee. I am an Ojai, California based freelance illustrator, muralist and designer. My inspiration comes from many sources, natural and supernatural. The aim of my work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, my hope is to leave you to float off in that liminal space into someplace entirely new. That paragraph is a very flowery way of describing my work. It's something I send to people when they need a bio. While its all true, I guess, really I am just a dude who loves to create and share my creations with the world. I don't really ever truly know what I am doing, I just follow my intuition, sometimes (stubbornly) taking guidance from people I trust. I truly value the autonomy that my career allows me. To be free to express myself (for better or worse) however I choose is such a gift. While it can sometimes be a bit frightening to be so outspoken it can be even more so to not be. I am a work in progress.