What is the origin of this song?
I [Lilla] started writing Green Thumb because I looked around my apartment at all my neglected houseplants and realised that although I’d love to be, I’ve never been a green thumb. The house plants being wilted and dying then became a metaphor for relationships. It’s clear that if you don’t give time and care into something you love it will never last.

How was the recording session?
We recorded Green Thumb with Fletcher Matthews. We spent a whole week in his apartment fleshing out all the elements of the song and how we wanted it sound.

What were the references, influences or musical inspiration?
Beach Bunny, Holly Humberstone, Blossoms, Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers, Girl In Red.

What did you most enjoyed of the writing, production and recording process?
The most exciting part of the process for me is when you find those bits that you all go ‘damn that’s good’. We had that feeling so many times during the process; Jack’s (guitarist) main riff and the chorus melody were both super exciting to hear and just felt so right. There was a lot of room for change and alteration when we went into the studio. We were all just on a mission to create the most catchy chorus and riffs we could.

“This song is really special and close to home for us and so we hope that it brings a little happiness and joy for people to enjoy. Think about that someone you care for and make sure you’re putting in the effort.”

What was the biggest obstacle and how was it overcome?
This song in some ways is more pop than any of our previous music and although we wanted to try and put a foot into the world of pop music, we had to lose the assumption we had grown up thinking that pop music is uncool. A lot of the music I listen to is pop music: Beach Bunny, Blossoms, Soccer Mommy, Lana Del Rey, Holly Humberstone! It’s not a genre that should be disregarded in any way shape or form, at the end of the day its just popular and so diverse in it’s own right!

If you could have invited anyone else to collaborate, who would it have been and why?
Phoebe Bridgers. Phoebe’s lyrical and melodic genius is inspiring and I would love to be able to learn from watching her writing process.

What is the biggest challenge to present this song live and how has it been solved?
The recording is full and layered and making sure we captured that texture live was a challenge. We just needed to make sure we had the energy right. I also sung quite softly in the recording to get a more intimate sound and I had to re-learn how to sing it live to give it the same raw and intimate feel but with more energy and power.