it was my first time doing something like that, little did i know it was the same for you.  both of us act super confident so neither of us notice what was going on to the other.

then we met again, laughing about how drunk we were and how good the sex was, i was still in the safe, i start visiting you cause of your invitations several times a week. we were so good there we should stop.

i noticed something changed when we start just meeting to help each other with uni stuff and me helping you with your spanish class and you cooking for me was not quite a big deal.

but then the night with candles came into scene, we played the game you like about guessing things about the other and the bad thing there was we got everything right. we know a lot for so little time, we act like something different in front of your mates and then you said that super cheesy thing while sunset was happening.

sex that night was different, it was slowly different, it was feelings and then i knew i was fuck, the day we said no feelings seemed so long ago, so reckless, so stupid.

now we are here, watching the sunset in silence followed by a deep conversation and you bringing me in breakfast instead of just sex.

i ´m so fucked.

Fotografía por Martin Canova