Fabulous Muscles

What is the origin of this song?
I was sitting on my bed in a HORRIBLE warehouse I lived in Oakland, California. The music and lyrics were one of those songs from above where it was there all at once. I was just lucky to have a guitar and pen at hand in the right moment.

How was the recording session?
It was recorded in an art gallery in Seattle, Washington presided over by Cory McCulloch. It is a very simple song, just guitar and singing. I had played it on tour several times so I knew it well and did it in two takes. My shirt was making noise on the back of the guitar so I had to take it off. It was of ridiculous.

What were the references, influences or musical inspiration?
It came out of the political and military abuse of power that the United States imposed and imposes against the world through the war on terror and the war on drugs and also the abuse of power in sexual relationships.

What do you like most about the song and why?
Its not really my song, its for a potential listener, so its not for me to like or dislike.

What did you most enjoyed of the writing, production and recording process?
That I was with someone I trusted and he encouraged me to dig as deeply as I could.

What was the most difficult part of the process and how was it overcome?
By taking my shirt off.

If you could have invited anyone else to collaborate, who would it have been and why?
PJ Harvey. She is one of my favorite guitar players ever and I think she would have taken it to the beyond.

What is the biggest challenge to present this song live and how has it been solved?
It is actually, from a technical stand point, so simple it has never been difficult to do live. We have done 10 or 12 different arrangements of it at this point.

Is there anything else you would like to add about this song?
I like that it is has so little going on that it allows for transformations.

Recommend us a song that you have heard lately and that you like.
“I had too much to dream last night” by The Electric Prunes.