Which tools did you use for the creation of this piece?
Found images from 1960’s pornographic magazines, scalpel, cutting mat, spray mount.

What was the creative process behind it, from the beginning until it was finished?
The process of sourcing, collating and composing materials is the longest part. Actually gluing down the final image is the fastest part, which is why I like collage in general. The long but exciting process of sourcing images and materials is essentially play and because I enjoy the process so much, pressure of the final result is often not on mind.

What were your references?
I need a lot of time on my own when working, so that I can fully let go of outside influences and try to be as present as possible; playtime is the most important part for me and it’s much more freeing to work alone with no judgments or suggestions, etc. I’m quite a sociable person though, so I do feel inspired a lot by the strangers I meet and living in London we’re bombarded with visual information so I’m sure an awful lot of that filters through into my work. My work definitely aims to challenge the way that we see ourselves as women/those identifying as women, or who have experienced it.

My own personal trauma has definitely been a source of inspiration for me and through creating work I feel able to process my own personal relationship with sex as well as to encourage others to have conversations about their experiences.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?
I just love changing my scalpel blade, a fresh blade is the best feeling. Also, there’s always that moment right before I finish a piece (but don’t know it) when I’m struggling with the work and I feel like it just won’t be ‘good’ that the wind blows a piece of paper or i knock something over, and all of a sudden the piece is done. It’s that element of chance and happy accidents that I like most about the collage process.

What was the hardest thing for you and how did you solve it?
I think the hardest part with creating any piece of art is the push and pull between enjoying the process but also ensuring that what you want to say is there. It doesn’t matter to me if a viewer doesn’t draw the same narrative from my work as I do, but I hope to at least get some reaction. I want my work to start conversations.