18 mayo, 2021

Antifascists responding the right way to a recent neo-Nazi march in Berlin.

This shot was taken during the first Corona lockdown in April 2020. Home, family and steaming bathwater – I am very grateful to have these stable rocks in a world out of balance.

A picture of Jesus for sale at a local flea market in my home town in Poland. Catholism has always been a major pillar for Polish society but now, as the church becomes increasingly conservative, anti LGBT and courts the current right wing government, more and more people are leaving it.

Cherries on warm asphalt, squashed by tyres and feet.

Max (aka. Ponga Missi) is a friend and musician. His music reminds me of Arto Lindsay. Have a listen!


Piotr Pietrus is a Polish born artist and social activist photographer. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany in 2008, and went on to do a masterclass with Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin, where he now lives and works. Posessing a strong contemporary documentary practice, his work investigates the sites where the poetic and political intersect in the wake of a growing resistance towards social injustice and the ecological crises. His work has been published widely including Greenpeace Magazin, Monopol, Süddeutche Zeitung Magazin, Der Greif, VICE, If You Leave, Phases and Aint Bad Magazine among others. Recently he exhibited with EEP Berlin, a new curatorial initiative dedicated to showcasing the strongest Eastern European photography to Berlin audiences.

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