4 abril, 2021

Bewitched, 2020
All of the selected images were very random and unplanned, as a lot of personal projects that I shot. I had this vision of the witchy nymph, mystical and mysterious. It was a combination of a mermaid, The Swan Princess, and Vasilisa the Beautiful from Russian fairy tales. The whole story was inspired by my friend and model Helga Hitko.

Montauk, 2020
First trip in October 2020 out of New York City after everything went into lockdown. I find the patterns and textures of nature very healing and beautiful.

New York Lockdown series, 2020
Brooklyn, summer day walking with a photographer friend around the neighborhood. He said he wanted to show me this interesting car that I will love. We ended up with two completely different images of the same broken car glass.

Untitled, 2018
Random picture of the glass case took on iPhone back in Saint-Petersburg. It was a very dark and depressing winter, like all of the winters there.

Love series, 2020
In these series, viewers get an inside look at tenderness and intimacy through ideas of post-sexualization and realness. Without any direction, subject matter was able to freely move about and express themselves without any certain type of judgement. The goal was to tell a story about females from a female perspective, so this paved the way for a photo series about how real one can get in front of the camera, especially when posing with a partner or loved one.


Kristina Shakht (born 1995 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia) is a New York based Russian-American artist and creative director working with fashion, fine art and portrait photography and jewelry design. The main themes of her work are intimacy and self-identity. Kristina’s work has been featured in i-D, AnOther, NY Times, Puss Puss, Office, WÜL, The Blueprint, WRPD, Phosphenes, Lula Japan and BE-IN and was showcased in Memories, The Essential, The Performer and The Man and The Machine exhibitions, curated by LoosenArt Gallery, in Rome, Italy. Kristina worked with Marie Tomanova and Michael Somoroff.

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