• Untitled 016

    Untitled 016

    I miss you, but I don’t want to tell you. I’m not ready to put my cards on the table just yet. I’m not ready for you to know how often I think about you. Or write about you. Or how you haunt my dreams in the sweetest way imaginable. Viviana@sweatergirlproblems www.instagram.com/sweatergirlproblems/

  • Untitled 015

    Untitled 015

    Your velvet voice, as deep and as warm as a campfire, it runs through my veins like a disease I just can’t shake. Your eyes, your smile, your hands, god, especially your hands, they linger in my dreams like a ghost that haunts me every night. I am consumed by your every breathe, by your…

  • Untitled 014

    Untitled 014

    I need to remind myself that I didn’t love you. I loved an idea of you; a mirage created by your insecurities and my blind trust to believe any fairytale that walks in to my life. The truth is I never knew you the way that you knew me. I let you see me for…

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    Untitled 013

    Every single time we make plans to meet I wait for the hour anxiously. Butterflies flutter in my stomach at the thought of seeing you again. The air I breathe gets heavier. My hands violently shake. I get lightheaded and I feel faint. That is, until I see your face and that warm smile that…

  • Untitled 018

    Untitled 018

    I can’t stop thinking about you. Your hands. Your lips. Your tongue, tracing the skin on my neck, on my back. I tremble at the very thought of you. I want your scent. Your taste. Your touch. I crave that sensation that only you can cause. Meet me outside of my house, take me in…

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    Untitled 017

    You are my new addiction. You fill my lungs and my veins with a new high I’ve never tasted. End my suffering. Viviana@sweatergirlproblems www.instagram.com/sweatergirlproblems/

  • Untitled 012

    Untitled 012

    So what is it about you that has me so spellbound? Is it your goofy laugh and terrible sense of humor? Or is it the way your hand travels from mine all the way to the top of my shoulder, then down to my waist, only to repeat it’s cycle again? Is it the way…

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    Untitled 011

    I had gotten used to sleeping alone until you came along and reminded me what it feels like to be held at night. Now my bed is emptier than ever. Viviana@sweatergirlproblems www.instagram.com/sweatergirlproblems/

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    Beware, my darling for my love is a poison. It’s slow-acting but effective. First you’ll feel the tingling and think nothing of it. You might even enjoy it. But with accumulation comes the pain. It’s like a knife twisting deep in your stomach. You might ignore it, or you might fight it. But either way,…

  • Untitled 008

    Empty words, empty conversations. Nothing means anything anymore. People speak, they say words, but no one really talks. No one listens. Empty words. Empty promises. “I won’t leave” turns into goodbye. Meaningless conversations. “you up?” and “what are you doing?” never “I find Freud’s theory of subconciosness particularly interesting” or “lately I’ve been wondering if…

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    I’m not very good at expressing my emotions. I can find the right words to say, but for some reason I can’t speak them out loud. Sometimes I think I want to tell you how I feel, or maybe show you these poems I’ve written you. But truth is I’m too scared. The thought of…

  • Untitled 007

    Two weeks go by. Another two weeks without hearing your voice or feeling your eyes on me when I am looking away. Another two weeks spent trying to remember your scent and picturing your smile. After some time I start to wonder are you still real? Were you ever? Another two weeks crying myself to…