Tajette O’Halloran (b. 1980) is an Australian artist who’s work centres around her immediate family and the complexities of relationships in Australia’s suburban landscapes. She has exhibited her work extensively both nationally and internationally and has been awarded and short-listed for a number of photography awards, including the British Journal of Photography Portrait of Humanity Award (winner, 2019), the Doug Moran Portrait Prize (finalist, 2016–2019), and the William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize (honourable mention, 2016). Her work has been featured in several Australian and international photography publications, both in print and online, such as the British Journal of Photography (UK), New York Times (USA), Fine Line Magazine (France), Modern & Contemporary Art (France), IGNANT (Germany) and C41 Magazine (Italy). Tajette currently lives in the northern rivers of New South Wales, Australia and is a member of Oculi collective.

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