Rossana Battisti was born in 1978 and grew up on the outskirts of the two cities, Perugia and Bergamo (Italy), which served as a background in her childhood and adolescence. In her photography there is a profound relationship between vision and emotional state and it's for this reason that she defines her photograph an emotional photograph and her works have a strong evocative power. Rossana's photography is a union between meditation and photography whose ingredients are dreams, the invisible and the unconscious. Her works are autobiographical, symbolic; twilight poetry and nature are some of the elements that make up her works. Rossana works with analog and instant cameras. In the world of photography is Roxy Beat.

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Repubblica di San Marina (Italia) Le Barbie che avevamo con noi, ripensandoci oggi, rispecchiavano già i nostri caratteri alla perfezione: ...
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